Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giving Up the Ghost 2

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to start this blog off with a short synopsis of my play 'Giving Up The Ghost'. This is a story of a woman who has an emotional breakdown at her divorce hearing. She begins to revert back to her childhood where doors are opened to give her a peek into her past and how she got to this point. Subsequently, this glance into the past is characteristic of how she made certain decisions for her life. This ultimately escorts her through a journey of her past that is humorous and painful, yet edifying to all women.

All of us have experienced some form of hurt that usually manifest itself in our relationships. Most of us are in denial that we have any part in this journey that landed us a vacation spot in hurtsville. But I'm willing to guess, that if we dig deep enough, the decisions in our lives that hurt us the most were called into existence, whether consciously or subconsciously, BY US.

This blog is being created for you to have a voice and share your story's (confession); Identify with others in your same situation (you're not alone); Look at the direction in which you have chosen for your life's path (Identify your situation); Look at the direction others have chosen for their life path (seek wisdom); then, Based on your hypothesis, make a conscious decision for your future life path (chose life more abundantly).

The BEST of YOUR life is the REST of YOUR life!!!

God has given us "all" a choice, an escape, love, power and a sound mind if we ask for it. We have to take a stand and save our own lives. Use the resources God has set before us on this earth. It is stored with all we need right now! He has given us anointed books, internet, spiritual leaders and much more when we cry out to him for help. He also has given each one of us a specific skill set that is laid out for us to share with one another as needed.

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today. So that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

I will facilitate this blog and give advise as it has been gifted to me through others, experience and the anointed blessings of God.

b. devine


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  2. hey b., this is a wonderful concept. i like where you are going with it & will be following. can we link pages? (sorry,the first comment had your name mispelled so i deleted it)

  3. 'Would love to link pages, just tell me what to do! LOL!!!